“When will the West realize…” – a Qatari researcher yells at a detained journalist for wearing a rainbow shirt



fifa Globalism The Qatar Cup is not even two days away, and the host nation is already facing allegations of a crackdown on dissent. In one such incident, an American journalist was briefly detained at one of the venues he had gone to cover the opening match of the US Cup against Wales. He claimed that security at the place detained him because he was wearing a shirt with a rainbow on it. In popular culture, rainbows are often identified with the LGBTQIA movement.

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Qatar, a conservative Islamic country, does not endorse the whole idea. Meanwhile, the journalist received support via Twitter, and several Qatari citizens taught him to “respect the values ​​of others.”

An outspoken Qatari scholar, Dr. Nayef bin Nahar, criticized Grant Wahl, adding, “Let’s not forget that the West is not the spokesman for humanity.”

“As a Qatari, I am proud of what happened. I don’t know when Westerners will realize that their values ​​are not universal. There are other cultures with different values ​​that should be respected equally. Let’s not forget that the West is not the spokesman for humanity.”

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Another Qatari citizen wrote on Twitter, “Respect the culture of the region and follow the rules as a civilized person.”

Earlier, Grant Wahl tweeted that he was denied entry to the stadium for the US-Wales match. Just now: A security guard refuses to let me into the USA-Wales stadium. “You have to change your shirt. Tweet on Twitter.

He was later arrested when he tried to enter the stadium wearing a rainbow t-shirt in support of the LGBTQIA+ community in a country where same-sex relations are illegal.

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Netherlands coach Louis van Gaal said, on Wednesday, that the fans boycotted the FIFA World Cup finals Qatar They were “right to do it” but he hopes his team will do enough to convince fans at home to watch them on TV.

Van Gaal said before the Dutch team trained for the first time since his arrival Qatar yesterday.

“I hope we play so well that at the end of the tournament when we play the final they will see on TV and see how good we are.”

Some fans, especially in Europe, have vowed to do so boycott This year’s World Cup, which kicks off on Sunday, also QatarShe highlighted the treatment of migrant workers, women, and the LGBTQ community.

The Dutch Football Association recently criticized FIFA President Gianni Infantino’s call to focus on football during the tournament, and on Thursday the Dutch national team is set to meet migrant workers in the Qatari capital.

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