With the threat of rain, here are the precautionary day rules you should know



Although there are clear skies in Melbourne at the moment, there is always the possibility of rain with a weather condition called ‘La Nina’ that casts its spell on the big T20 Globalism Cup final between England and Pakistan.

The local metrology department confirmed that La Nina may postpone the match and may pay it on a booked day. According to several media reports on Saturday, there was a 95 percent chance of rain on both occasions. Take a look at what happens if the rain arrives and washes the match. Will it turn into a reserve day? What happens if the reserve day is also washed off?

All your question will be answered here.

What is reserve day?

Reserve Day, as the name implies, is a day dedicated to the big games in multi-state tournaments. International private cricket Pre-booked reserve days are held by the Council (ICC) while drawing the schedule for tournaments such as 50 over the World Cup for its 20-plus counterpart. The whole idea is to get a fair result in case the final or semi-final rains down.

What happens if it rains today?

Although Melbourne has clear skies, you never know the weather of this city. The local metrology department confirmed that there is a 95 percent chance of rain. So if you arrive and don’t stop, maybe the game will turn into reserve day which is tomorrow. Generally, at least 5 times in each round are needed to get a score, but there must be at least 10 times in each round to get a score in the final. Therefore, excess amounts will be reduced on Sunday before moving on to Reserve Day.

If a match starts and stops halfway, the match will start from the same position on reserve day. There is an extra 30 minutes on Sunday, but there is an extra 4 hours on Monday and the game will resume at 9:30AM EST on Reserve Day.

In fact, the ICC allocated 30 minutes of extra time for November 13, while the extra time for November 14 was set two hours earlier, but due to weather conditions in Melbourne, the time has been increased to four hours.

What if it rains tomorrow?

In this case, the cup will be shared between the two sides, unlike in the semi-finals, where the team that tops its group passes.

Has any ICC course been shared before?

Yes, the 2002 Cricket Champions Trophy was shared between India And Sri Lanka where two separate matches were played on the two days – strange!

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