World Cup T20: It is great to watch Syria Yadaf, playing the way he is playing now



The former South African captain AB De Villiers received a lot of praise for the flaming India Suryakumar Yadav, which was in great condition in the current T20 Globalism Glass. Surgeoma Badi Fellets has often been compared to his ability to play 360 degrees. The 32 -year -old has emerged as one of the best hitting in the white ball game at the present time because it also holds Numero UNO in the ICC T20i beating charts.

Experts and fans have left a dread with his amazing group of strikes. The 32 -year -old, who recently joined the international cricket game, made the beating seem to be ridiculous even in the most difficult circumstances, such as India’s experience against South Africa in Perth.

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Amid a constant talk about his ABD game style, Surya recently said that there could be only one “MR 360”, but De Willers himself begged the difference.

“I am very happy with Syria. I think it has come a very long run. I never saw this happening, the way he plays.

“He was very conservative and stuck to his plans at first, but now he lays the base and basis and then begins to control the bowling players. De Wellers told PTI from Mumbai where he launched the Indian Premier League, supported by the Last Man Stands. bright”.

He scored 225 points in 5 games in the 12 Super T20 World Cup, with an amazing average of 75.

De Felier was famous for playing shots throughout the Earth, and Syria has spent his rhythms in difficult Australian conditions with his heinous strikes.

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When asked if this is the time to compare Syria with it, de Felier, one of the most diverse players in the game: “Yes they are. The only thing he will have to focus on is his stability. He will have to do this for 5 to 10 years and then that He will find himself in the golden books of cricket players. “

DE Villiers left the word cricket game in awe while playing some obscene strikes all over the garden. But was the ball thrown by the Syrian play? “Any player who enters his fitness … I am thinking of quite a few players who start playing at the height of their strength, and this makes me very exciting. Every sports of this …

“It is nice to watch it when they are really full -time and enjoy there. It is great to watch Syria playing the way he is playing now,” said 38 -year -old who retired from all forms of cricket in 2021.

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