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You can now buy and sell cryptocurrency instantly, thanks to ZebPay


All too often, cryptocurrency investors are late in responding to volatility. Add to that, the inherent volatility that comes with owning coins can have a huge impact on your crypto assets over time. But what if there was a way to work with cryptocurrencies without jumping through hoops so you could get on the hunt right away. Whether it’s buying or selling cryptocurrencies, sometimes the quickest way is the best way to do things.

With ZebPay as a crypto exchange, this is now possible. Thanks to the QuickTrade feature of the platform, crypto investors can buy and sell crypto assets instantly without transaction fees. Let’s see how it works.

Open Book Transactions vs. Express Trade –

First, let’s deal with the confusion you might have about open book transactions and how QuickTrade differs from them. The former system works through supply and demand between buyers and sellers. So, if you are looking to “buy the dip” at a certain price point or want to sell a specific asset at the price you want, you may find that you need to wait for the supply or demand side to pick up your order.

QuickTrade eliminates this waiting period and immediately fulfills buy and sell orders without waiting for orders to be matched. Another great advantage of Quick Trade is the zero transaction fees that do not come with preconditions, which makes buying and selling crypto assets a much more profitable proposition.

Quick Trade from ZebPay –

To use QuickTrade, simply select the crypto pair you wish to buy or sell and place an instant order for it on ZebPay. The exchange will verify that your details and your bank account are correct upon receipt of your application.

ZebPay will also check rates and circle limits to protect its users from volatile price movements and unwanted surprises. This avoids any unwanted mishaps during the transaction phase of your express trade order. Once this step is completed, the buy or sell order is successfully executed and ready to be displayed in your account.

This is it. It is not easier than this to buy or sell your favorite crypto assets.

How to use QuickTrade –

Now that you know its benefits, here’s how you can use QuickTrade to your advantage. open the ZebPay app And go to the QuickTrade section.

From here, the whole process only takes two quick and simple steps, whether you are buying or selling your crypto assets. If you are buying cryptocurrency, enter the amount or equivalent in Indian rupees for the cryptocurrency you wish to buy. Click the QuickBuy button and then you can check the trade summary. Check all the details on the screen and confirm the transaction by entering the security PIN.

If you are selling cryptocurrency, you need to enter the amount or equivalent in Indian rupees for the currency you wish to sell. Hit the QuickSell button and check all the details in the Trade Summary section. Confirm the transaction with your security PIN and voila, you’re done.

Sometimes, you may see an error message that “The displayed price has expired. Please re-order for a new price.” This happens when the order price changes in the system, causing the prices to be adjusted to continue. Users can check their QuickTrade at any time in the app on the top right hand side.

QuickTrade is currently applicable to tokens such as BTH, ETH and MATIC on ZebPay. Go ahead and explore the easy-to-use QuickTrade feature on ZebPay over here.

This article was written by Studio18 on behalf of ZebPay.

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