“You win a double series at home, but…” – India legend questions team selection after semi-final disaster



India’s frustrated defeat by 10 wickets to England in T20 Globalism The cup semi-final hit the tongues of some former players. Now, Virender Sehwag has questioned the team selection policy as he pointed out why the big players continue to take a break in so many foreign tours, pointing out how youngsters play in a duo series in India, but when it comes to a tournament like this, the big players are the From continuing to come – and lose.

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Professional England completely eliminated asynchronous state India Accepted 10 wickets to sail into the World Cup Final as a stinging punch to Alex Hals and Joss Butler hurt Rohit Sharma’s stealth attack on Thursday. England seemed to have saved their best for the grand stage as they reduced the semi-finals to a low rapport, thanks to a superb bowling effort that they complemented with some stunning hits.

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Meanwhile, speaking on Cricbuzz, Sehwag asked when the juniors would get the “reward” for winning India duo series.

“You win two-series at home, but you have to see how many of your top players are playing there. They usually take a break and new players who also get a taste of winning enter the duo series. So if they win there why can’t they be tried here? [in the world cup],” he said on Cricbuzz.

“You never know. Brave cricket we are talking about, there are players who play this way. Whether it is Ishaan Kishan, Sanju Samson, Prithvi Shaw or Rotoraj Gaekwad. They are all international players and score points. Several youngsters are set to tour in New Zealand as they have been Rest the seniors, if they win in New Zealand what reward will they get?”

“So the pressure has to be on the seniors. They have to be told that there are boys who are scoring good goals. And if the seniors are not doing well, they might say ‘Thank you very much’ by the board.”

It was Hardik Pandya (68 of 33 balls), whose audacious shot put India up to 168 for six, but they were close to a tie at the Adelaide Oval.

England captain Butler (80 not out) set the tone with three limits off Buffeneshwar Kumar’s opening, but it was Halis (86 not out) who slaughtered the Indian attack and capitulated with India sorely missing a leg in their squad.

England prevented a final between India and Pakistan by scoring the goal in just 16 points.

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