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5 Tips to Reduce AC (Air Conditioner) Bill

1. close up at nighttime, and save whereas you sleep This money-saving tip is as clear as night and day! Keep your air-con on throughout the day, and off at nighttime. The reasoning is straightforward. Firstly, the evening air is of course cooler, therefore you’ll profit of that by turning off the air-con and gap

See electricity used Bill on Digital Meter | BRii Buy Online

This is digital meter for Home and Offices where you can see Monthly Electricity used bill , Ampere and Watt. BRii introduce socket plug-in Digital Ampere Meter, which will make it very easier for you to monitor your home/office appliances Watts(W), Ampere(A) & Bill Amount(Cost) in real-time. BRii Digital Ampere Meter has 7 different LCD