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Videocon washing machine timer connection

In English Videocon washing machine timer connection: When we buy Videocon timer we can see 5 wires or 6 wires. if  we see 6 wires on timer then 2 wires is of Motor 2 wires is Neutral and Phase and 2 wires is of Verzer. if  we see 5 wires on timer then 2 wires

How to change Direct Cool Refrigerator Thermostat

How to change Direct Cool Refrigerator Thermostat A thermostat is a component which senses the temperature of a physical system and performs actions so that the system’s temperature is maintained near a desired set point. i am use always VT9 thermostat we should open his thermostat cover and see thermostat connection and do again same

Outdoor Fan Motor 4 Wires Connection and Trace

Outdoor Fan Motor 4 Wires Connection and Trace If outdoor fan motor have 4 wire then how we can trace that which is common running starting which is 4th wire. we can easily find with multi-meter, multi-meter set on Continuity (Beep) and in this 4 wires 2 wires work same this 2 wires attach with

Hot water heater full connections |Water Dispenser

This is a small water Heater tank. It’s in the water dispenser. I have pulled it out from the water Dispenser. it has two points, Neutral and Phase. Overload is attached with this water tank for automatic trip when temperature complete. we should always attach overload (temperature sensor) for automatic trip Otherwise our heater will continue

How attach Capacitor with Relay Refrigerator Compressor

How we can adjust Capacitor with refrigerator Compressor and why need attach capacitor with Refrigerator Compressor? If our Compressor is weak then we should attach Starting Capacitor with Compressor-  we can use 80-110 MFD starting Capacitor  Remove Jumper wire if we want use capacitor in coil relay  Watch video for connection [the_ad id=”431″]

How to Vacuum with compressor and why necessary

How to Vacuum with compressor and why necessary Vacuum is necessary for refrigerator and AC before charge Gas. we vacuum with vacuum Pump or with any old Compressor. By Vacuum Wind expires from our unit. we need Vacuum Pump or Old Compressor and Line Gauge for Vacuum any unit. When you do vacuum your unit

Combine Capacitor Connection with Diagram

Combine Capacitor Connection How we can Connection Combine Capacitor in AC Outdoor. Combine Capacitor always has 3 points. COMMON ( C ) HERM FAN Fan Point: Fan point has 2 terminal And here Connect the Fan starting wire  Herm Point: Herm point has 2-3 terminal And here Connect the Compressor starting wire  Common Point: Common

How trac high, medium,low speed wire indoor fan motor

How trac high, medium, low speed wire indoor fan motor How to find Common, Running, Starting  and High, Medium, Low wire in indoor fan Motor  First of all we should find Starting and Running Wire and then we can find High, Medium, Low wire easily. We should set Meter Point at continuity for Check Resistance

How to Install AC [Air Conditioner]

Install the indoor unit: Where airflow is not blocked and cool air spreads over the entire room Where the condensing water can be easily drained out, and where it is easily connected to outdoor unit. Where it is out of reach of children Select the place where the wall is strong enough to withstand the