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How to Install AC [Air Conditioner]

Install the indoor unit: Where airflow is not blocked and cool air spreads over the entire room Where the condensing water can be easily drained out, and where it is easily connected to outdoor unit. Where it is out of reach of children Select the place where the wall is strong enough to withstand the

No frost refrigerator D frosting timer function and connection

D frosting timer function and Full connection very very easy   Description: Hello Friends, Here you will be given full function of the D frosting timer and its complete connections. Which is planted non frost refrigerator. D frosting timer is placed in this refrigerator. So that the refrigerator cooling for about 8 hours and heater on

2 pol Magnetic contactor full connection function with diagram in Urdu/English | Fully4world

2 pol Magnetic contactor full function connection with diagram  Magnetic contactor is a safety device. that why is applied is any problem in compressor/machinery which reason take compressor/machinery more ampair or short circuit burn magnetic coil your compressor/machinery easily safe that’s why magnetic contacto is called safety device. For see diagram and practical play follow the video and