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Outdoor fan not Running Top Reason fault

Outdoor fan not running Outdoor fan not running. If the AC fan does not run, it can also Damage your compressor. So you should Turn OFF your AC, If the AC fan does not run. AC fan not run can be many reasons Maybe the wire is burnt The motor may have been damaged The

How and how the oil is charged in the rotary compressor

Oil Charging When we need to charge oil in a rotary compressor. So we should have a 250ml or 500ml blank bottle. Suniso Oil is the best oil in our Area. Now fill the blank bottle with Suniso Oil and charge with oil. Roatry Rotary Compressor oil charge only from Discharge side while Refrigerator Oil

PCB Red light on Continually-Outdoor not start

Solve Red Light PCB Fault I found a Problem in Old Daikin AC that its red Light is on Continually and not Start Outdoor. That PCB was not giving the Current to the Outdoor. When i open his PCB form Outdoor. i check his Sensor that both sensor is Fine (Coil and Room Sensor). But the

Gas Ok But not do Cooling Solve Problem

Gas is OK But Cooling Problem I checked a 2 Ton AC (non inverter) that Gas is Complete but Not do Cooling Best. After this i check this Ampere this  is Show low  Ampere 8.8 while a 2 Ton AC (non inverter) Takes nearby 11 Ampere. Then is this outdoor Unit have discharge Valve then

F1 & H6 Error Solved (Gree AC) 2019

Solve Fault F1 & H6 Error Code Gree non Inverter AC Error F1 & H6 Solved. I checked an AC that’s show F1 & H6 Error. Don’t worry. Just open PCB Board from indoor and check the coil Sensor and room Temperature Sensor. But when i Open PCB i saw that Room Temperature Sensor is

How to make Bend an old Copper Pipe

Bend with hand and use spring bender When we Install an Old or New AC So we need to add a pipe. For Pipe Connection we need adjust Pipe. Small Size copper is easily bend with hand  Like 1/4 and 3/8 but big Size of Old Copper Pipe make Bend with hand is Difficult. So

What is Vacuum and why necessary

Vacuum is a process. Which exhausts from the AC Unit. Only Gas Run is in the entire AC. And cooling is okay. Vacuum is necessary for Refrigerator and Air Conditioner. When we Repair Refrigerator or Air Conditioner we should do Vacuum before charge gas. we should use vacuum machine for this process but some people

AC piping ice Trace Fault [English / Hindi / Urdu]

IN ENGLISH What is the reason for snow on AC acne pipes? The AC Outdoor Fan  is slowly running, which makes the snow on the pipe but it does not come so much. you Should change the Fan Capacitor of Outdoor then Problem Solve. Other than that if the indoor unit fan speed slow from