AC PCB Kit repairing video Course

hvac by fully4world

This PCB Course [Printed Circuit Board] Kit repairing Course is created by Fully4world. This is Basic Course in thisĀ  Course we Tell all about PCB component. This course is related Inverter and Non inverter AC PCB.

PCB Course video length is 9 hours and 40 minutes.

These topic cover in this Course :

Name of Components

Testing and checking Components with Multi meter

Inverter and non inverter PCB testing

Sensor Checking and testing

Some fault solve

Course Language is Urdu and Hindi

Payment Methods :

Pakistani People can Buy with Jazz Cash , EasyPaisa or Meezan Bank Payment.

for India : Google pay , phone pay

for Bangladesh : B kash personal

Worldwide People can buy with Binance pay

Course price Pakistani 5000 Rupees

Watch PCB course Trailer 1

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The PCB (Printed Circuit Board) of an air conditioner is a crucial component that helps in the functioning of the air conditioning unit. It is responsible for controlling various components such as the compressor, fan, thermostat, and sensors.

Here’s how an air conditioner PCB board works:

  1. Sensor Inputs:

The PCB board receives inputs from various sensors such as the temperature sensor, humidity sensor, and pressure sensor. These sensors detect the temperature and humidity levels in the room and send signals to the PCB board.

  1. Control of Compressor:

The PCB board controls the compressor, which is responsible for cooling the air. It receives the signal from the temperature sensor and adjusts the compressor’s speed accordingly. If the temperature in the room is high, the PCB board will increase the compressor’s speed to cool the room faster.

  1. Fan Control:

The PCB board also controls the fan that circulates the air. It adjusts the fan speed based on the temperature and humidity levels detected by the sensors. If the room is too humid, the PCB board will increase the fan speed to circulate more air and reduce the humidity.

  1. Thermostat Control:

The PCB board also receives inputs from the thermostat, which is used to set the desired temperature. It adjusts the compressor and fan speed to maintain the desired temperature in the room.

  1. Power Supply:

The PCB board also manages the power supply for the air conditioning unit. It regulates the voltage and current to ensure that the components operate within their safe limits.

In summary, the air conditioner PCB board is responsible for controlling the various components of the air conditioning unit to maintain the desired temperature and humidity levels in the room. It receives inputs from sensors, the thermostat, and manages the power supply to ensure the air conditioning unit operates safely and efficiently.

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