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Gas Store, R600, Long Pipe, Question and Answer ?

Q1. How much is R600 Gas Running Pressure and Standing Pressure? Ans. R600 Running  Pressure is 0 Psi to 2 Psi and Standing Pressure is 40 Psi to 50 Psi. Q2. What we can Attach 2 Ton indoor Unit with 1.5 Ton Outdoor unit ? Ans. Yes we can Attach 2 Ton indoor with 1.5

Can we charge gas without Vacuum

Q : Can we charge gas without Vacuum? Ans : Sometime we charge Gas without vacuum but our AC will Work good, But we should always Vacuum AC and then Charge Gas so that not any problem made in AC. If Our AC in New then we not need to vacuum because in new AC

Outdoor fan not Running Top Reason fault

Outdoor fan not running Outdoor fan not running. If the AC fan does not run, it can also Damage your compressor. So you should Turn OFF your AC, If the AC fan does not run. AC fan not run can be many reasons Maybe the wire is burnt The motor may have been damaged The

Multi meter Types and use

Multi Meter The Digital Clam Multi Meter is an Electrical Device. This device use for Check AC and DC current , Ampere , Volts  and Resistance Continually. We can also check VOM (volt-ohm-milliammeter), This Device use mostly people who work Electronics. [the_ad id=”431″] History:- Multimeters were invented in the early 1920s as radio receivers and other

Top Question Interview RAC and HVAC

Q1 – Which unit is used Capillary tube? A ) Refrigerator, Deep Freezer, Water Cooler, AC B ) Commercial Unit Plant Type AC C ) Washing Machine Q2 – How many BTUs are in 1 ton AC? A ) 12000 BTU B ) 24000 BTU C ) 18000 BTU Q3 – What is the compressor’s

6 Air Conditioner Care Tips

As season changes, it’s time to arrange your home and contents for harsh winters approaching ahead. correct maintenance helps prepare your air conditioning for succeeding cooling season by protective it from winter components like wet injury, corrosion, nesting, scrap & nesting etc. Although winters in West Pakistan ar typically impermanent however harsh conditions like cooling