6 Air Conditioner Care Tips

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on changes, it’s time to arrange your home and contents for harsh winters approaching ahead. correct maintenance helps prepare your air conditioning for succeeding cooling season by protective it from winter components like wet injury, corrosion, nesting, scrap & nesting etc.

Although winters in West Pakistan ar typically impermanent however harsh conditions like cooling rain, smog, snow and below-freezing temperatures will impose mayhem onto your AC. By investment it slow currently, you’ll be able to avoid variety of minor and major repairs within the next operational season, whereas extending the life of your appliance.

To ensure peak level performance throughout summers, contemplate the subsequent tips as a part of your overall winter readiness strategy.

1) Clean the Condenser Unit
First, turn the power off & vacuum any debris from the exterior fins using a soft brush. With gentle pressure, straighten any bent fins. Next, remove dirt from the interior utilizing a vacuum cleaner & use a soft damp cloth for hard-to-remove stains. Now, reassemble the complete outdoor unit.

2) Listen to How it Rolls
Turn it on to listen to the compressor. Look for any unusual noises such as grinding, buzzing or clunking, which may be signs that you need to call a service technician.

3) Change the Filter
Always use a tidy air filter. A clean air filter will help to protect the system’s components thus improving the quality of your indoor air when used in summers.

4) Chop Chop- Clear the Area
Remove grass, bird droppings & sweep off leaves, twigs, debris & other things available near the outdoor unit, leaving a three-foot clearance on all sides.

5) Cover it Up
Cover both the indoor & indoor units to prevent any dust, fur or moisture from entering.

6) Perform Periodic Inspection
It is always recommended to perform periodic inspections to ensure maximum performance of the cooling appliance.

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