1.5 ton Floor Standing 242FH Error Code list

1.5 ton Floor Standing 242FH Error Code list

In this Post you can see Error Code list of Floor Standing 242FH 1.5 ton unit. if you want more about HVAC then also search fully4world on google

Error Code List

Serial NoError CodeFault
1E0Indoor Current transformer overcurrent protection
2E1Indoor Temperature Sensor Error
3E2Outdoor Coil Sensor Error
4E3Indoor Coil Sensor Error
5E4PG motor & DC motor error (split ac)/slide door error
6E5Indoor / Outdoor Communication error
7E6Slide Door error (L serial)
8E8Inverter fir Display Board and Main PCB Board communication error
9E9Humidity sensor error
10EAIndoor Fan motor Zero Cross Detection error
11EbIndoor EE error
12F0Outdoor Fan motor error
13F1Mould protection error
14F2PFC protection error
15F3Compressor Starting failure or Operating Failure
16F4Outdoor Exhaust sensor failure
17F5Compressor top cover protection error
18F6Outdoor loop temperature sensor error
19F7Under voltage protection error
20F8Outdoor main PCB board and mould communication error
21F9Outdoor EE error
22FAReturning air sensor error
23FbIndoor DC motor error (fir)
24FC4 way valve transferring error
25FdOutdoor fan motor zero crossing detection error
26P2High voltage protection
27P3lacking gas protection
28P4the base over loaded protection (cooling only)
29P5exhaust protection
30P6Indoor anti high temperature protection (heat pump)
31P7 Indoor anti freeze protection (cooling only)
32P8Outdoor over current protection
33P9Display board and touch tablet communication error (L serial)
34L0DC under voltage error
35L1Compressor Phrase current over current protection
36L2Compressor fall out step error
37L3Compressor default phrase error
38L4Compressor Driving mould IPM error
39L5PFC over current hardware protection
40L6 PFC over current Software protection
41L7Current detection AD abnormal protection

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