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R32 Use and Risk|FAQ’s R32 by Toshiba

FAQ’s R32 Why is R32 Required? The Main Pillars of the new EU F-Gas Rules are to reduce emissions and to move towards lower GWP solutions. This involves a phase down in the consumption of HFCs and a reduction of 37% by 2020 and 79% by 2030. By 2025 Single Split A/C systems with less

Before buy old AC Should know some information

Before buy old AC Should know some information When we buy a second hand AC we should check some important things. we should always check that which AC we are buying That AC is not near a Cloaca (dirty drain) because Cloaca (dirty drain) effect on copper and The AC gets repeatedly leaked. We should check

Can we charge gas without Vacuum

Q : Can we charge gas without Vacuum? Ans : Sometime we charge Gas without vacuum but our AC will Work good, But we should always Vacuum AC and then Charge Gas so that not any problem made in AC. If Our AC in New then we not need to vacuum because in new AC