Q & A Compressor , Ampere, Gas and Capillary Tube ? HVAC Q&A


HVAC Q&A (Q & A in Urdu / Hindi)

Q # 1: Agar Gas zyada ho to capillary tube chock ho jay gi?

Ans : nahi Gas zyada hony sy ni ho gi agar koi kachra a jay pipe ma to chock ho jay gi agar Gas zyada ho to Compressor heat up ho ga or Ampere zyada ly ga.

Q # 2 : Hamy kaisy Pta chaly ga AC ya firdge ma Gas zyada ha?

Ans : ap k fridge ya AC ky suction pipe py Ice a jy to us ka matlab ha apki Gas zyada ha or apka compressor ampere bi zyada ly ga jitny ampere sticker py likhy ho gy AC ya Fridge ki body py.

Q # 3 : Compressor Ampere zyada ku leta ha ?

Ans : Agar apky AC k outdoor ka Fan Capacitor weak ha ya compressor ka Capacitor weak ha ya Gas zyada ha ya service hony wala ha to ampere zyada ly ga lekin agar sab kuch OK ha to bi Ampere zyada ly to compressor ki winding weak ho gai ho gi.

Q # 4 : Capillary tube kitny feet lgani chahiye ?

Ans : Click here for full detail of capillary tube.

Q & A in English

Q # 1: If the gas in the refrigerator has increased. then waht Capillary tube can be chock?

Ans : No , If there is a dust in the pipe then will be chock ,If the Gas is Increased in Refrigerator then Compressor will Heat up and take more Ampere.

Q # 2 : How do we know if gas is high in AC or Refrigerator ?

Ans : If Gas is High in your Refrigerator or AC then you can see Ice on Suction Pipe and which ampere mention on Sticker of your Refrigerator or AC this will take more ampere from mentioned ampere you can check by Ampere meter.

Q # 3 : Why Does Compressor Take More Amperes?

Ans : If your AC’s Outdoor Capacitor is weak or Fan Capacitor is weak OR Gas is high OR if need service your AC then your compressor will take more Ampere If every thing is OK then you compressor winding is weak.

Q # 4 : How Many Feet Should the Capillary Tube Fit?

Ans : Click here for full detail of capillary tube. HVAC Q&A

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