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AC Compressor wiring burn and installed new wires

AC Compressor wiring burn and installed new wires Sometimes our AC’s every thing ON but do not Cooling Outdoor fan running but Outdoor compressor not running sometimes our compressor burn but sometimes our Compressor wiring burn And the compressor survives. in this Condition that our wiring burn we should take off the old wires new

Indoor air throw low Reasons and Solve Problems

Indoor air throw low Reasons and Solve Problems If our AC’s indoor air throw is low Then the ice comes on the suction pipe. Indoor air throw low have many reasons.  If our AC need Service (Evaporator is dirty) If Blower is dirty If Blower motor is damaged If Blower motor capacitor is damaged Air

Gas Store, R600, Long Pipe, Question and Answer ?

Q1. How much is R600 Gas Running Pressure and Standing Pressure? Ans. R600 Running  Pressure is 0 Psi to 2 Psi and Standing Pressure is 40 Psi to 50 Psi. Q2. What we can Attach 2 Ton indoor Unit with 1.5 Ton Outdoor unit ? Ans. Yes we can Attach 2 Ton indoor with 1.5

Light blink error Solve problem|Error code

Light blink error Old model of AC light blink error, indoor unit is ON but power supply not reach outdoor. When we see this error then we should change his room temperature and coil sensor if his sensor is OK then remove his sensor Jack and re apply if not solve this problem then his

How to open easy rust screws & Bolts

Open rust able screws & Bolts Sometimes rust gets on our nut or Screw, and it doesn’t open easily, screw driver and key are happening slipped. we can open it with some ways. By heating it By using WD40 By grip plier By Heating : we can heat it by gas welding plant but be

Fan blower problems solve|Problems coming from this issue

Fan blower problems solve If there is noise coming from our Indoor Blower motor, This problem comes up when indoor blower attach with indoor body, So this can lead to many issues Problems coming from this issue Cooling will reduce Ice coming on the evaporator Blower motor to be damaged we should open indoor Cover

How trac high, medium,low speed wire indoor fan motor

How trac high, medium, low speed wire indoor fan motor How to find Common, Running, Starting  and High, Medium, Low wire in indoor fan Motor  First of all we should find Starting and Running Wire and then we can find High, Medium, Low wire easily. We should set Meter Point at continuity for Check Resistance