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Fuse History and Definition

In electronics and electrical engineering, a fuse is an electrical safety device that operates to provide overcurrent protection of an electrical circuit.Electric fuse may be a protecting device that protects electrical instrumentation within the circuit by breaking the circuit once there’s a brief circuit.It contains a fuse wire that has low resistance, it permits traditional

Any where control your AC with Mobile

Sensibo Device: Make your air conditioner smartMeet the 2nd generation Sensibo Sky. It’s never been easier to control your air conditioner from anywhere, anytime. Maximize your comfort and save energy. Price : $99  Works with Amazon Echo, Google Home & Apple Siri shortcuts With Sensibo you can use phrases like: ‘Alexa, turn on living room’,

Types of Air Conditioning Compressors

Air conditioner mechanical device is employed to get rid of the heat-laden vapor refrigerant from the evaporator of the air-con systems. In common man term, the mechanical device compresses or squeezes the vapor into a smaller volume at extreme temperature. The external-drive mechanical device encompasses a shaft that’s driven by a block and belt system.

How To Use AC Remote

POWER Button This is a wireless management that transmit signals to the indoor unit;enabling you to manage once to show the unit on or off. the massive illuminating button makes it simply accessible even within the dark. LCD Display  It displays this settings of your air-conditioner’s perform. Swing Button This button aids your flow of

Schematic Diagram Electrical Data (Air Conditioner)

A circuit diagram (electrical diagram, elementary diagram, electronic schematic) could be a graphical illustration of associate electrical device. A pictorial circuit diagram uses straightforward pictures of elements, whereas a schematic diagram shows the elements and interconnections of the circuit mistreatment standardized symbolic representations. The presentation of the interconnections between circuit elements within the schematic diagram

See electricity used Bill on Digital Meter | BRii Buy Online

This is digital meter for Home and Offices where you can see Monthly Electricity used bill , Ampere and Watt. BRii introduce socket plug-in Digital Ampere Meter, which will make it very easier for you to monitor your home/office appliances Watts(W), Ampere(A) & Bill Amount(Cost) in real-time. BRii Digital Ampere Meter has 7 different LCD

What is Multi meter and Use it ,Function | Fully4world

It is a meter through which AC volt, DC ampere resistance and continuous check are done. this is an electronic measuring instrument that combines several measurement functions in one unit. in this video you can learn about Multi meter 420 total views, 3 views today

555 timer IC working and Diagram

This is a Timer IC you can use this IC in PCB for maintain Timing  The 555 timer IC is an integral part of electronics projects. Be it a simple project involving a single 8 bit micro-controller and some peripherals or a complex one involving system on chips (SoCs), 555 timer working is involved. These