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Blower Fan Speed low and Ice on Evaporator

Fan Speed low and Ice on Evaporator If our indoor Fan speed is slow which can cause some problem, ice can come on Evaporator and water drops fall in room. And Sometime Ice come on Evaporator by Dust on Evaporator, mean if our Evaporator is block with dust then we need Service AC. If fan

How To Calculate Your Electricity Bill 2019

[the_ad id=”431″] This Electricity calculator is very simple, We just need to keep some things in mind. 1000 watt = 1 KWh (Kilo watt hour) 1 Unit = 1000 watt 1 Unit = 1 KWh (Kilo watt hour) A consumer consumes 2000 watts load per hour daily for one month. Calculate The Total Energy bill

PCB not working Solve|Check Important Parts

Check PCB board Important Parts If your AC is not working, your Power supply is ON but your indoor not running and nor Outdoor. In this case what should we do? we should check some important part of AC, This is for Non Inverter AC  We should open his PCB kit from indoor and check

PCB (printed circuit board) Parts and Components Identification

PCB (printed circuit board) Parts and Components Identification A printed circuit board (PCB) mechanically supports and electrically connects electronic components or electrical components using conductive tracks, pads and other features etched from one or more sheet layers of copper laminated onto and/or between sheet layers of a non-conductive substrate. Components are generally soldered onto the

Top Checking Point Drill Machine|Repair Drill machine

Repair Drill machine If your Drill machine is not running we should check some main points. We should check main wire of drill machine. We should check ON / OFF of drill machine. We should check Carbons of drill machine. These Points are Main Point Mostly damage his Carbons .

PCB main Faults Check Point and solve

PCB main point Check If our Indoor and Outdoor Unit not running. Our power and breaker is On But neither is our Outdoor running and neither indoor. Some main fault we should always check. Open PCB from Indoor. Fuse Check: we should always check Fuse, Our unit will not work If the fuse gets damaged.

How trac high, medium,low speed wire indoor fan motor

How trac high, medium, low speed wire indoor fan motor How to find Common, Running, Starting  and High, Medium, Low wire in indoor fan Motor  First of all we should find Starting and Running Wire and then we can find High, Medium, Low wire easily. We should set Meter Point at continuity for Check Resistance

Best Digital Multimeter Buy Online

Multimeter Features: ACCURATELY MEASURES: AC/DC voltage, only for AC current (not for DC current), resistance, and also provides diode and continuity tests JAW OPENING: the Clamp measures the AC current in a conductor up to 26mm without interrupting the circuit ADDITIONAL FEATURES: data hold, max reading, and an easy-to-read large LCD EASILY CARRYING: comes with

Outdoor running Continuous Solve PCB Fault|in English 2019

Outdoor running Continuous If your Outdoor running Continuous. Whether indoor Off. Whether you turn the AC on or off off with remote. But your Outdoor running Continuous. This is Problem in your PCB Board. I found this fault in Non-Inverter AC. Open his PCB Kit from Indoor and you can check his output Supply show 

Multi meter Types and use

Multi Meter The Digital Clam Multi Meter is an Electrical Device. This device use for Check AC and DC current , Ampere , Volts  and Resistance Continually. We can also check VOM (volt-ohm-milliammeter), This Device use mostly people who work Electronics. [the_ad id=”431″] History:- Multimeters were invented in the early 1920s as radio receivers and other