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R32 Use and Risk|FAQ’s R32 by Toshiba

FAQ’s R32 Why is R32 Required? The Main Pillars of the new EU F-Gas Rules are to reduce emissions and to move towards lower GWP solutions. This involves a phase down in the consumption of HFCs and a reduction of 37% by 2020 and 79% by 2030. By 2025 Single Split A/C systems with less

How to Check rotary Compressor that Damage or not

How to Check rotary Compressor If we have a rotary compressor and we don’t know it’s bad or not. we should check his short that this compressor is short or not. Multimeter set on buzzer and one wire of multimeter attach with compressor body and second wire of multimeter attach with compressor terminal one by

How to change Direct Cool Refrigerator Thermostat

How to change Direct Cool Refrigerator Thermostat A thermostat is a component which senses the temperature of a physical system and performs actions so that the system’s temperature is maintained near a desired set point. i am use always VT9 thermostat we should open his thermostat cover and see thermostat connection and do again same

18k BTU MrCool Split System 3rd Generation|Buy Online

mrcool 220V power required 16 ft installation kit included. 1 year compressor, 2 year parts warranty Remote included WiFi Smart Kit included Product description: This system is meant to be installed by a HVAC technician. The newly designed 3rd generation Advantage Series, with improved efficiency ratings up to 19 SEER, delivers high performance comfort from

Light blink error Solve problem|Error code

Light blink error Old model of AC light blink error, indoor unit is ON but power supply not reach outdoor. When we see this error then we should change his room temperature and coil sensor if his sensor is OK then remove his sensor Jack and re apply if not solve this problem then his

Split AC Parts with name and Diagrams

Indoor Parts Evaporator Filter PCB Board (kit) Blower Blower Motor Drain Outdoor Parts Condenser Compressor Fan Motor Outdoor Fan Fan Capacitor Compressor Capacitor You should read it : How to open easy rust screws & Bolts How to set timer on/off in Air conditioner|Easy to use timer AC Best way to stop leakage in air

Best way to stop leakage in air conditioner

Stop leakage in air conditioner Sometime our AC unit Leak again and again, and this leak is very small. when we face this problem then what we should do. we should open the cover of indoor and outdoor and we should apply chemical on his copper coils. Name of chemical : lacquer spray Epoxy This

How to open easy rust screws & Bolts

Open rust able screws & Bolts Sometimes rust gets on our nut or Screw, and it doesn’t open easily, screw driver and key are happening slipped. we can open it with some ways. By heating it By using WD40 By grip plier By Heating : we can heat it by gas welding plant but be

Haier Deep Freezer 385 Litter|Buy Online

Haier Deep Freezer 385 Litter Specification Key Features Super Fast Cooling Super Cooling Retention Super Cooling Capacity Total Net Capacity (L) 385 L Colour White Dimention(Width x Depth x Height mm) 1240/745/845 Temperature range 0℃~10℃; ≤ -18℃ Freezing Capacity (kg/24h)15 Voltage / Frequency 220~/50 Energy Consumption (kwh/24h) 2.5 AestheticsLid (Handle/Lock) 2 Inner light Yes Price