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Ice on Pipe Main Reasons RAC

Ice on Pipe Main Reasons RAC In split AC Ice on Discharge Pipe: If Ice is Coming on Discharge Pipe, So that means your AC gas is low. Your AC will reduce cooling. You should charge your gas, So your AC will do a good job. If your AC’s Gas is low you should check

Best Digital Multimeter Buy Online

Multimeter Features: ACCURATELY MEASURES: AC/DC voltage, only for AC current (not for DC current), resistance, and also provides diode and continuity tests JAW OPENING: the Clamp measures the AC current in a conductor up to 26mm without interrupting the circuit ADDITIONAL FEATURES: data hold, max reading, and an easy-to-read large LCD EASILY CARRYING: comes with

BLACK + DECKER 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner | Buy Online

Portable Air Conditioner BEST OF BOTH WORLDS: Keeps a room, home, bedroom, apartment, dorm or garage that is approximately 150 – 250 square feet or 10 x 20 foot room pleasant and comfy during the summer months when the heat sets in. Also keeps a room that is approximately 200 – 325 square feet or

Vacuum Pump Buy Online |For RAC

Vacuum Pump A vacuum pump is a device that removes gas molecules from a sealed volume in order to leave behind a partial vacuum. The first vacuum pump was invented in 1650 by Otto von Guericke, and was preceded by the suction pump, which dates to antiquity. Details: High Efficiency and Low Noise, Heavy-duty Aluminum

Best Copper Tube Bender |Buy Online

Copper Tube Bender Copper Tube Bender is part of Rac & HVAC.  We can bend Copper tube easily and the right way. Tube bending is the umbrella term for metal forming processes used to permanently form pipes or tubing. One must differentiate between form-bound and freeform-bending procedures, as well as between heat supported and cold

F0 Error in Gree Inverter AC

F0 Error in Gree Inverter F0 error code in Gree Inverter AC. Each company’s AC Error code is different. But We will talk F0 error code in Gree Inverter AC. Due to gas low F0 error come in Gree Inverter. When the gas is completed, this error will end. 657 total views, 51 views today

Window AC Compressor Not working Problems | in English

Compressor not working If your window AC’s Compressor is not working. some parts are in window ac That we should check. And we can trace fault easily  Parts Name: Capacitor Thermostat Selector Switch After check every part of window ac if capacitor is damage we should change capacitor if thermostat or selector switch is damage

Split AC Outdoor Gas Valves Changing | in English

Split AC Outdoor Gas Valves Sometimes the gas valves are leaked. When gas valves are damaged. They are gas valves. From where we close the gas and open with L key. When gas valves are damaged. We Should change Gas valves. Sometimes We checked all the gas leak point but We not check gas valves.

Outdoor running Continuous Solve PCB Fault|in English 2019

Outdoor running Continuous If your Outdoor running Continuous. Whether indoor Off. Whether you turn the AC on or off off with remote. But your Outdoor running Continuous. This is Problem in your PCB Board. I found this fault in Non-Inverter AC. Open his PCB Kit from Indoor and you can check his output Supply show 

Problem coming to AC due to low gas

GAS low problem in AC If your AC’s drain Blocked So the water falling into the room. In this Condition we should do Service AC. But I did check the AC that Ac’s drain is Clear and AC are already serviced. But the water falling into the room. Then i check Gas that Gas is