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4 Ton Cabinet Indoor Wiring

4 Ton Cabinet Indoor Wiring In this post you can see 4 ton Gree Inverter Cabinet Indoor Wiring Diagram and you can also do this type wiring after see this Diagram. Diagram You Should read it : Magnetic Contactor and lock out Relay Outdoor Wiring Split AC Outdoor wiring Diagram Haier Indoor PCB Wiring Diagram

Types of Expansion Valve and his Work

 Types of Expansion Valve: Capillary Tube Automatic Expansion Valve Electronic Expansion Valve Hand Expansion Valve Thermostatic Expansion Valve Image of Expansion Valve : In English Work and Use Of Expansion Valve: This is Important Part Air Conditioner. Expansion Valve Work is that Convert Gas high Pressure to low Pressure. This Valve Adjust where Condenser End

How to care AC in Winter/ season out AC protect

In English How to care AC in Winter : When Summer season is Out and winter start. If Our AC is Heat and Cool and If we use Heat mode in Winter the Good If we Not use AC in Winter then we should Close AC proper. wash his Filter  Buy AC Cover and cover

How to repair Gauge| Gauge Needle

How to repair Gauge Sometimes your Gauge needle is back and forth from 0 PSI then how we can repair and adjust Needle at 0 PSI we can easily repair this fault. we should open his Blue or Red Cover and after this open his Plastic glass rotate the plastic glass anti clockwise So its

Why Comes Ice on Evaporator and how this solve Fault

Why Comes Ice on Evaporator and how this solve Fault Sometimes Ice comes on evaporator of Window AC when Ice comes on windows AC then AC cooling doesn’t do well. There are many reasons why ice can come to Evaporator. One of which is this. Window AC have one Fan which work for Evaporator and