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What is oxygen back fire and how we can save from it |Fully4world

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What is oxygen back fire and how we can save from it

Back fire of Oxygen Cylinder is dangerous when blast a oxygen Cylinder so this make death cause of any person. It mostly doesn’t happen But it can be blast we should know that how we can save from this blast.

when we make flame for welding any thing then we open first LPG and after Oxygen and then we make a flame after welding when we OFF the torch (flame) then we close in a hurry first LPG but we should first close Oxygen when we close first LPG then we listen a sound then a small flame of fire passing through pipe go to the oxygen cylinder and then oxygen cylinder blast.

how we can save ?

When the cylinder is about to explode then the torch and the pipe will become very hot then we should close the Oxygen valve in a hurry.

Watch Video About Back fire

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