Best way gas store AC (air conditioner) with connect manifold gauge


Best way gas store AC

Best way store gas in AC. when we store Gas an AC we should first attach line Gauge with Outdoor suction Valve and check his running pressure.

Turn on the AC and when outdoor turn on we should check his running pressure with Gauge that gas is OK. If Gas is OK then we should close first discharge valve and see Gauge when Gauge show 0 PSI pressure then close his Suction valve and turn of the AC.

when we close Discharge valve we should wait 10 second to 15 second and then close his Suction valve.

Some people wait 2 minute to 3 minute this is not good this way may effect on compressor. Compressor pump can be weak.

Note : First save yourself then do work

Watch video to store Gas

You should read it :

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