Refrigerator hp power trace and compressor value |All national compressor hp code list

Model NumberHP CodeSize
FN661/6 Big
FN77 1/5Medium
FN110 1/3Full


Refrigerators are essential appliances in our daily lives, keeping our food fresh and our beverages cold. The heart of every refrigerator is its compressor, responsible for maintaining the desired temperature inside the fridge. Compressors come in various sizes, and they are often identified by HP codes, which stand for Horsepower. In this article, we will delve into the world of refrigerator compressor HP codes and sizes, helping you better understand how they work and why they matter.

The Basics of Refrigerator Compressors

A refrigerator compressor is a mechanical device responsible for compressing and then releasing refrigerant gas to transfer heat from inside the fridge to the outside environment. This process is crucial for maintaining a cool and consistent temperature within the refrigerator’s compartments.

HP Codes Explained

HP codes are used to specify the power or capacity of a refrigerator compressor. HP stands for Horsepower, a unit of measurement for power. In the context of refrigeration, the HP code indicates the compressor’s capacity to move refrigerant and maintain the desired temperature within the refrigerator.

Common HP Codes

The most common HP codes you’ll encounter in refrigerator compressors are 1/8 HP, 1/6 HP, 1/5 HP, 1/4 HP, 1/3 HP, and 1/2 HP. These codes represent fractional horsepower, and the higher the HP code, the more powerful the compressor.

Choosing the Right HP Code

Selecting the appropriate HP code for a refrigerator compressor is crucial to ensure that it can effectively cool the fridge’s interior. The choice depends on factors like the size of the refrigerator, the desired temperature range, and the cooling needs.

  1. Smaller Refrigerators: For compact or mini-fridges, a 1/8 HP or 1/6 HP compressor is typically sufficient. These units have less interior space and require less cooling power.
  2. Standard Refrigerators: Most standard-sized refrigerators come equipped with a 1/4 HP or 1/3 HP compressor. These provide adequate cooling for a moderate amount of food and beverages.
  3. Large Refrigerators: For larger refrigerators with more extensive storage space, a 1/2 HP compressor might be necessary to maintain consistent cooling, especially if the appliance has a freezer section.

Efficiency Matters

While it’s essential to choose the right HP code to ensure adequate cooling, it’s equally important to consider energy efficiency. Modern refrigerators often incorporate technologies that optimize cooling while minimizing energy consumption. Look for Energy Star certified models that are designed to save energy and reduce your electricity bills.


Refrigerator compressor HP codes and sizes play a crucial role in determining the cooling capacity of your fridge. Choosing the right HP code ensures that your refrigerator can maintain the desired temperature effectively. Keep in mind the size of your refrigerator and your cooling needs when selecting a compressor, and also prioritize energy-efficient models to save on electricity costs. Understanding these codes will help you make an informed decision when purchasing or repairing your refrigerator.