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How To Check AC Gas Without Any Tools

How we can check AC Gas without any tool  Everyone people have AC when AC not work good then how we can check AC Gas without any tool although we need tool for check Gas But in this Article we Discus that how we can check AC Gas without any tool. We should turn ON

How to transfer Gas from Outdoor to Cylinder

How to transfer Gas from Outdoor to Cylinder If we have Gas in Outdoor unit and we want save Gas in Cylinder. we can do it easily. we need some tools for save Gas in cylinder. Tools we need : 3 Line 1 Gauge  1 refrigerator Compressor Empty Gas Cylinder Store gas in Outdoor and

Problem coming to AC due to low gas

GAS low problem in AC If your AC’s drain Blocked So the water falling into the room. In this Condition we should do Service AC. But I did check the AC that Ac’s drain is Clear and AC are already serviced. But the water falling into the room. Then i check Gas that Gas is

Haier Long Throw AC|Price & Spec

Features Turbo Cooling Long Air Throw Environment Friendly Refrigerant Specification : Ton 1 Cooling Capacity(BTU) 12000 (BTU) Power Input(W)-Cooling 1300 Running Current(A)-Cooling 5.70 (A) Refrigerant R410a Power Supply(Ph/V/Hz) 1,220,50, PRICE Rs. 43,000

R-410A Availability and Environmental effects|Fully4world

R-410A, sold under the trademarked names (AZ-20, EcoFluor R410, Forane 410A, Freon 410A, Genetron R410A, Puron, and Suva 410A) is a zeotropic, but near-azeotropic mixture of difluoromethane (CH2F2, called R-32) and pentafluoroethane (CHF2CF3, called R-125), which is used as a refrigerant in air conditioning applications. R-410A cylinders are colored pink. R-410A has replaced R-22 as

LG 1.5 Ton Inverter Cool and Heat AC | Price & Spec

Features: PM 1.0 Sensor Hot & Cold Wi-Fi Dual Inverter 4-Way Swing Active Energy Control Take Control of the Remote Control ! LG’s DualCool Air Conditioner with built-in WiFi connectivity and controls indoor air temperature anytime and from anywhere.   Auto Cleaning System  Auto clean feature dries the wet heat exchanger to help prevent mould