How to transfer Gas from Outdoor to Cylinder


How to transfer Gas from Outdoor to Cylinder

If we have Gas in Outdoor unit and we want save Gas in Cylinder. we can do it easily. we need some tools for save Gas in cylinder.

Tools we need :

  • 3 Line
  • 1 Gauge 
  • 1 refrigerator Compressor
  • Empty Gas Cylinder

Store gas in Outdoor and L Key Valve of outdoor should be off and Indoor Pipe Connection remove from outdoor. one line attach with outdoor discharge valve and second side of line attach with Gauge (Gauge valve should be off) now Second line one side attach with Gauge second side and line second side attach with Refrigerator Compressor Suction Pipe. so that Refrigerator Compressor suck the gas from outdoor and and release with pressure and third (3rd) line attach one side with Refrigerator Compressor Discharge and second side attach with Empty Cylinder. Open the Discharge L Key Valve only of outdoor and then Open the gauge valve slightly and remove air from lines after this Turn on Refrigerator Compressor and Open Empty Cylinder valve and Open Gauge Valve the Gauge show pressure 0 PSI then Close Cylinder valve and turn OFF the Refrigerator Compressor. Your Gas will store in Cylinder 

scroll down and watch video for gas store in cylinder

Watch Video Gas Store in Cylinder:

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