How to change Refrigerator Gas Kit |Repair


How to change Refrigerator Gas Kit |Repair

When our Refrigerator Doors not close properly then Refrigerator not works good and Cooling gets waste. The gas kit is fixed on the doors so that doors close properly and not waste cooling.

For change Gas Kit and repair gas kit we should Separate the door from refrigerator. Now Gas Kit remove from door the screws is underneath the Gas Kit and open the screws and then Gas Kit gets Separate from door.

If Gas Kit is Hard then we should take 2 liter full hot water Dip the gas Kit into warm water and when the gas cut is soft then fix again on Doors.

If Gas kit Damage and not able for work then we should change we can buy from spare parts shop and Which is the refrigerator of the company we can buy from his Company franchise. Only we should note his Model number and go to franchise and Can get a gas kit by telling the numbers,

Scroll down watch video for change and repair Gas Kit

Watch video for change and repair Gas Kit

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