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Refrigerator Compressor Watt into HP

In this post you can see that how many watt is equal to how many HP. Refrigerator Compressor Watt into HP i hope that you can learn easily with fully4world Watt into HP You should read it : Haier HR-438IDBT Refrigerator Digital Inverter 1.5 Ton PCB all wiring Connections 3 Phase Outdoor Electric Wiring with

How to check Inverter Refrigerator Compressor

In English Check Inverter Refrigerator Compressor: If we working anywhere of inverter Refrigerator Or inverter AC and we want check his Compressor that his Compressor is OK or not, So we should have a PCB kit Because if we turn ON this compressor Direct 220V Volt then this compressor will burned. So we should have

Refrigerator Compressor Trip again and again

Refrigerator Compressor Trip Why and How to solve Refrigerator Compressor Trip¬†: Sometimes we Turn ON Refrigerator But the refrigerator doesn’t cool anything If we keep anything in the refrigerator, it gets worse.¬† How to Solve this Problem We should Check his Thermostat sometimes his thermostat goes bad and does not work properly. We should Start

How to change Refrigerator Gas Kit |Repair

How to change Refrigerator Gas Kit |Repair When our Refrigerator Doors not close properly then Refrigerator not works good and Cooling gets waste. The gas kit is fixed on the doors so that doors close properly and not waste cooling. For change Gas Kit and repair gas kit we should Separate the door from refrigerator.

Compressor Blast why and how (reasons)

Compressor Blast why and how Everyone would have heard it or have you seen on the Internet that Compressor blast during the work. Everyone wants to know why and how it is happening and some people are scared after that accident. Reason of this accident: if our AC’s outdoor L-Key is off and we turn

Window AC Compressor Not working Problems | in English

Compressor not working If your window AC’s Compressor is not working. some parts are in window ac That we should check. And we can trace fault easily  Parts Name: Capacitor Thermostat Selector Switch After check every part of window ac if capacitor is damage we should change capacitor if thermostat or selector switch is damage

Problem coming to AC due to low gas

GAS low problem in AC If your AC’s drain Blocked So the water falling into the room. In this Condition we should do Service AC. But I did check the AC that Ac’s drain is Clear and AC are already serviced. But the water falling into the room. Then i check Gas that Gas is