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Refrigerator Compressor Trip again and again

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Refrigerator Compressor Trip Why and How to solve

Refrigerator Compressor Trip : Sometimes we Turn ON Refrigerator But the refrigerator doesn’t cool anything If we keep anything in the refrigerator, it gets worse. 

How to Solve this Problem

We should Check his Thermostat sometimes his thermostat goes bad and does not work properly. We should Start Compressor By removing Thermostat wiring. How to Remove Thermostat wiring.

If this Problem is not Solved and your Thermostat is OK we should Change his Relay and Check again. When the relay is damaged Then the relay quickly heats up And the compressor keeps shutting down again and again.

After This we should Check Direct start Compressor by Removing Thermostat and Relay Wiring.

I hope that your Refrigerator will Work Good After Change Thermostat or Relay.

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