RAC / HVAC All Tools Name with Pic

RAC / HVAC All Tools Name with Pic :

If we make a new shop of RAC (air conditioner and refrigerator repair Shop) then you must have the tools for it. we can start normal work with some important Tools.

Name of Tools: 

  • Screw Driver (+ and – (Flate))
  • Plier , Nose Plier , Cutter Plier 
  • 2 Screw wrench
  • Pinch plier
  • File Tool
  • L Key Set
  • Flaring Tool Set
  • Swaging tool set
  • Digital Clamp Multi Meter (Ampere and volt meter)
  • Gauge manifold with Line (low and high Pressure Gauge)
  • Hilti drill machine
  • Vacuum Pump (or Old refrigerator Compressor)
  • AC Service Machine (Water Pressure Machine)
  • Mini Gas Welding Plant
  • Chisel and Hammer
  • Level

Watch Video for Tools Name :

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  • July 14, 2022 at 6:37 pm

    I am trying to troubleshoot a cycling air con which does not powered up.


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