Relay and overload why use in Refrigerator Compressor

Relay and overload why use in Refrigerator Compressor

Relay is Necessary for every refrigerator Compressor Some relays and overloads combine and some overloads and relays are separated. If our compressor works good we don’t need use capacitor with relay If our Compressor is weak and the compressor is not turned on then we should attach Capacitor Relay. we use 80-110 MFD ( µF ) Capacitor.

Main wire is always attach with Common and Running (Phase attach with Common and Neutral Attach with Running) and staring Point start the compressor and cut off his circuit ( starting Point is blank this point use for Capacitor if we attach )

Relay :

Relay Function is important when we attach neutral wire at Running relay sent Current Running to Starting when compressor Turn ON then relay cut off current from stating. 


Overload :

Overload is safety for compressor when compressor more heat up then overload work is trip the compressor when compressor temperature normal then do ON the compressor.

Electric Relay Danfoss :

Electric Relay Use for every size of Danfoss compressor this relay is without capacitor relay if we want use capacitor with relay then we should use Coil relay.

Coil Relay Danfoss :

This type of relay not use in every Compressor we should know Compressor size and attach relay of his size and we use capacitor with this relay we use 80-110 MFD ( µF ) Capacitor.

Watch Video Relay and Overload Informaton

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