Air Conditioner remote setting |Cooling fault and solve

Air Conditioner remote setting |Cooling fault and solve

Sometimes our AC’s every thing is OK but AC not work and we get upset. that why not work AC because every thing is OK. 

we should know that sometimes a remote button is pressed from us and remote setting gets changed and AC not work. which types of setting we should apply on remote for best cooling so that AC works good.

Mode Button :

These are modes we can see on remote :

  • Auto 
  • Dry 
  • Cool
  • Heat

Mode button is main Button when we press this button then AC’s mode gets change. we should always mode select on Cool then our AC works good. Sometimes a person or a children press the mode button then mode gets change and AC not work.

Fan Speed Button : 

  • High
  • Medium  
  • Low

We should always select High speed fan by press the speed button on remote then AC works good sometimes our AC’s Speed low then we see ice on Evaporator and pipes.

Watch video remote setting

You should read it :

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