Compressor will dead When there is water in the compressor

In English

Compressor will dead if water goes in compressor

Sometimes we wash Refrigerator with knife and refrigerator gets leak with The tip of the knife Then we should Turn OFF our Refrigerator So that the water does not go into the compressor If the water goes into the compressor, the compressor will be damaged when we repair this fault type Refrigerator we should check his compressor that the water in the compressor has gone or not

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In Urdu and Hindi

Kabi kabi jab ham Churi (Knife) k sath Refrigerator ko wash karty hai ya Ice utarty hai to churi  ki nook sy refrigerator leak ho jata hai to hamy chahiye k Refrigerator ko usi time Off kr dain ta k is mai Pani na jay agar pani chala gya to iska Compressor bi jal jy ga jab ham is tarha ka koi refrigerator Repair kar rahy ho jis ma churi lagi hai to iska compressor bi check kr lena chahiye k is ma pani gya hai k nahi ta k baad mai masla na bany

Compressor ma pani check karny k liye nechy video dekahain 

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