Compressor will dead When there is water in the compressor

In English Compressor will dead if water goes in compressor Sometimes we wash Refrigerator with knife and refrigerator gets leak with The tip of the knife Then we should Turn OFF our Refrigerator So that the water does not go into the compressor If the water goes into the compressor, the compressor will be damaged … Read more

AC Cooling Problem with Compressor Pressure High and Low Issue

Compressor Pressure High and Low Issue Sometimes our AC’s Gas is full but AC doesn’t cooling the room. Every thing is ok but AC not working Good. when we do not vacuum AC before charging Gas then we face this Problem. If every thing is OK we do vacuum before charging Gas then we should … Read more

Window AC Compressor Not working Problems | in English

Compressor not working If your window AC’s Compressor is not working. some parts are in window ac That we should check. And we can trace fault easily  Parts Name: Capacitor Thermostat Selector Switch After check every part of window ac if capacitor is damage we should change capacitor if thermostat or selector switch is damage … Read more