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Compressor will dead When there is water in the compressor

In English Compressor will dead if water goes in compressor Sometimes we wash Refrigerator with knife and refrigerator gets leak with The tip of the knife Then we should Turn OFF our Refrigerator So that the water does not go into the compressor If the water goes into the compressor, the compressor will be damaged

How to Check rotary Compressor that Damage or not

How to Check rotary Compressor If we have a rotary compressor and we don’t know it’s bad or not. we should check his short that this compressor is short or not. Multimeter set on buzzer and one wire of multimeter attach with compressor body and second wire of multimeter attach with compressor terminal one by

Compressor over heat & Tripping problem|2019

Compressor over heat Sometimes our Compressor gets trip or gets over heat but our every thing is OK. Some of which are this Voltage Low Problem Over gas Charge Capacitor weak Outdoor Unit to be in the sun But i faced new problem compressor triping. When carbon comes to the Rotary ( common running stating )

AC Compressor Triping top Reason | Outdoor Triping

Compressor Triping top Reason Mostly Outdoor Units trip Due to heat up, we do Discuss some top reason of Outdoor Compressor Triping. If our Coil sensor is damage then this problem comes in PCB that our sensor is damage, But by this problem our all Outdoor closes, his fan and his Compressor. If our Compressor

Compressor Blast why and how (reasons)

Compressor Blast why and how Everyone would have heard it or have you seen on the Internet that Compressor blast during the work. Everyone wants to know why and how it is happening and some people are scared after that accident. Reason of this accident: if our AC’s outdoor L-Key is off and we turn