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Outdoor Wiring with Magnetic Contactor Diagram

Wiring with Magnetic Contactor Magnetic Contactor mostly Use in Outdoor Unit you can easily Understand Outdoor Wiring with Magnetic Contactor by Diagram Diagram Video Explain in Urdu / Hindi HVAC and RAC Learn platform You  can Also Subscribe on YouTube  You can also Like on Facebook Page Also read Article in English , Urdu ,

3 Phase AC use 4 pool magnetic contactor

3 Phase AC use 4 pool magnetic contactor 4 pole and 5 pole magnetic contactor use in 3 phase units. we should always use magnetic contactor in 3 phase because magnetic contactor control the wire when the magnetic contactor is off so that magnetic contactor will not Pass electricity 1 point to 2nd point When

Magnetic contactor easy testing,checking

Magnetic contactor testing with some easy steps. we should set multi meter on continuity point and find Magnetic contactor continuity with tow point when Magnetic contactor is off. And when Magnetic contactor is off then always show continuity with coil points because coil points are main power points. If coil point make continuity then it’s