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Trane air conditioner Error Code (EC, E1, E2, E8) and more

Applicable to inverter air Conditioner Only E8 Indoor fan motor speed out of control E1 In-outdoor unit COMM.checking channel is abnormal E2 Room Temp.sensor checking channel is abnormal E3 pipe TEMP.sensor checking channel is abnormal(T2) E4 pipe TEMP.sensor checking channel is abnormal(T2B) E7 EPPROM Malfuntion EE Water-level alarm Malfuntion Ed Outdoor Malfuntion F3 Indoor twins

E4, E5, E6 Error Code in non Inverter AC Solve

E4, E5, E6 Error Code in non Inverter AC Solve Some Non Inverter AC don’t  show error Code but some show error in LED. When we see E4 error in non Inverter then we should check his indoor Blower Motor we should disconnect wire his blower motor from PCB and again Connect and check that

DC Inverter E1 Error Solved [In Hindi/Urdu and English]

In Urdu In English We found E1 Error Orient DC Inverter. The E1 Error is an Out Door Temperature  sensor or indoor Temperature sensor. And then i Changed Both Sensors But after all this change, the problem was not resolved. when i open the PCB kit from Out Door,  Then I see that the part