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Before using the refrigerator for the first time

In English Keep your refrigerator in a vertical position for 30 minutes Turn ON the refrigerator empty for 6 hours. Do not open the door repeatedly for 24 hours and keep food low. The refrigerator should be kept on an air space.The distance to the wall should be at least 6 inches. And it is

Ammonia Gas Uses and Effects on body and Environment

In English Ammonia Gas Uses and Effects Ammonia Gas Uses and Effects : This Gas Use in Cold Storage Plant. Ammonia Gas formula is NH3.  Ammonia Gas Boiling Point is -33.34 °C Ammonia Gas Freezing Point is -77.37 °C Liquid Condition of Ammonia Liquid Condition of Ammonia Gas is more Dangerous. If Ammonia Gas falls on

Hot water heater full connections |Water Dispenser

This is a small water Heater tank. It’s in the water dispenser. I have pulled it out from the water Dispenser. it has two points, Neutral and Phase. Overload is attached with this water tank for automatic trip when temperature complete. we should always attach overload (temperature sensor) for automatic trip Otherwise our heater will continue

Ice on Pipe Main Reasons RAC

Ice on Pipe Main Reasons RAC In split AC Ice on Discharge Pipe: If Ice is Coming on Discharge Pipe, So that means your AC gas is low. Your AC will reduce cooling. You should charge your gas, So your AC will do a good job. If your AC’s Gas is low you should check

How To Use AC Remote

POWER Button This is a wireless management that transmit signals to the indoor unit;enabling you to manage once to show the unit on or off. the massive illuminating button makes it simply accessible even within the dark. LCD Display  It displays this settings of your air-conditioner’s perform. Swing Button This button aids your flow of