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Best way to stop leakage in air conditioner

Stop leakage in air conditioner Sometime our AC unit Leak again and again, and this leak is very small. when we face this problem then what we should do. we should open the cover of indoor and outdoor and we should apply chemical on his copper coils. Name of chemical : lacquer spray Epoxy This

How find window ac leak with pressure

If our Window AC is Leak how we can find leak and fix. We will give AC pressure 300Psi to 350Psi , we need some tools for pressure Line Gauge  vacuum Pump one Line connect with gas charging valve and second connect with vacuum pump, if we dont have vacuum pump we can do with

Window ac condenser leakage problem solve

Condenser leakage problem If our condenser leak a coil from such a place, where it’s difficult to pair. What should we do there?    we can dead the pipe line which is leak. Sometimes it happens if we do it repair leak 1 side and this side leak again and again so Then also we