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Galanz AC Error Code

hvac by fully4world
F6PG motor faults
F7Indoor TEMP sensor faults
F8Indoor coil pipe TEMP sensor faults
F9Outdoor coil pipe TEMP sensor faults

Trouble Solve Methods

E1The trouble of indoor unit room temperature sensor.
E2The trouble of unit pipe temperature sensor. indoor
E3The trouble of PG motor
E5The trouble of bad communication of indoor unit and outdoor unit.
E6The EEPRO of indoor unit error
1EThe trouble of outdoor unit pipe temperature sensor
3EThe trouble of exhaust sensor
4E The EEPRO of indoor unit error
8E The trouble of PFC.

Wall Mounted Type

F1Heat overloading protector
F2Cool freeze protector
F3Instantaneous power cut
F4direct current fan motor no feedback
1Fcool overloading protector
2Fexhaust overheating protector
3Fover or not enough pressure protector
4Fover-current protector
5FIPM protector
6Fdefrost state
7Fdirect current compressor drive exceptional
8Fdirect current compressor cannt start

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