How to install central air in a house without ducts?

Summer just started, and they are getting hotter or have we lost tolerance for heat as we grew old. Either way, we are dripping with sweat, and not even fans are helping. This time the air conditioner is the one that can help, but we don’t have a central air conditioner unit installed. We don’t even have ducts installed for the air conditioner. So what are we going to do? Fear hot. We are here to help you in your predicament. Air duct repair and replacement Smyrna GA service can help us install a new air conditioner unit and even tell us some alternate steps for the air conditioner unit.

Cost to install new central air

Center air for a 2000 square foot home will cost around $3500 to $4000. But, believe it or not, it can quickly be done by two technicians in two to three days. So it usually won’t cost a penny or do any damage to the ducting.

How to evaluate heat-gain calculation for a new central air

All cooling contractors usually start their evaluation of your house by performing heat gain calculations. It may sound like rocket science, but it’s pretty helpful and accessible. It will reveal what size unit you will need for your home. It’s better to get another contractor or heating and air conditioning service in Smyrna, GA, if your current one wants to install their own choice of central air solely on their experience. There are several factors to consider that can affect the size of the unit:

  • What amount of wall and attic insulation do you currently have?
  • What are the types and placement of windows and doors in your home?
  • What is the orientation of your home to the sun?

This calculation will tell you all the possible benefits of upgrading the insulation in your house. It will make your home more energy-efficient, and you will be able to reduce the size of the air conditioner you will need.

What’s the size of the Central Air?

Following the steps below will help you determine how big a central air unit is needed for your home.

Selecting the size of the unit

Using heat gain calculations, your contractor will recommend the size, expressed either in tonnage or Btu per hour (Btu/h) needed for your next unit. But why is it so important?

According to an Air duct repair and replacement Smyrna GA service, an undersized unit might not be able to cool rooms. Most up-to-date days could cost more to operate because it has to run longer than an efficiently sized unit. An oversize compressor additionally prices more to function because it genuinely takes greater electricity to run a bigger unit. Also, an oversize unit doesn’t lower humidity effectively. That is, as it cools the air so quickly that it shuts off earlier, then it has a chance to circulate the proper volume of air past the coils to extract the vital moisture. The result is a room that doesn’t appear as cool because the temperature shows. In reality, the room can feel clammy and damp.

Unit efficiency

After figuring out the unit’s dimensions, your contractor has to talk to you about performance, expressed via the seasonal strength-efficiency score (SEER). The SEER prices how many Btu an air conditioner will take away for every watt of power it consumes. The higher the SEER, the less it costs to operate. Heating and air conditioning service Smyrna GA also uses the SEER system during their inspections and maintenance.

Right placement

Even the quietest condensers make noise, so paintings and your contractor can find a vicinity that is not close to a bedroom or home-office window. Do not locate the condenser underneath a deck or enclose it as it exhausts heat air out the top. Any airflow limit will lower the unit’s efficiency. You may, but hide the condenser inside the landscaping so long as air can freely circulate it.

No Ducts? No hassle

Expensive air conditioners and central air can improve your indoor air; how? The condenser is in an outdoor unit with an entire compressor unit inside. They are connected to the condenser through pipes outside the house. The pipes can be disguised as a part of the gutter-and-downspout device—ductwork services 2nd-floor rooms through ceiling registers. Ducts run via closets on their way to first-floor rooms.

When you have ducts

It would help if you had your ducts inspected. Some you may require some changes to accommodate the more volume of air produced by way of air-conditioning. However, older duct structures tend to be larger, and paintings are exceptional when retrofitting vital air-conditioning. Here’s a list of usual adjustments that, according to heating and air conditioning service Smyrna GA, may be present ducts require:

• Upsizing the furnace blower (rated in cubic toes in step with a minute or cfm) to transport the cubic feet of cool air required for your house. An undersized blower might not move sufficient air through the coils, and they can freeze.

• Sealing the ducts to reinforce performance. Again, it is a great job left to a pro, as an imbalanced gadget can cause risky back drafting in the course of the heating season or pockets of warm air during the cooling season.

• Swapping out older delivery registers for ones that allow a different extent of air to skip. For example, vintage register grilles with slits simply quarter-inch wide offer too much resistance to airflow; new grilles can improve airflow up to 25%.

In case you want to put the ducts in

Because the fan-and-coil unit is set up within the attic in most retrofit air-conditioning systems, the challenge is delivering and returning ducts to ceiling registers inside the first- and second-floor rooms. Always remember that you may call air duct repair and replacement Smyrna GA service for your assistance in installing your central air.

Ducts that run through 2nd-floor rooms are usually run across the attic space and go down among the attic floor sides, where they’re connected to ceiling registers. Ducts that feed first-floor rooms run down through second-ground closets anywhere possible.

The first step your contractor will take to determine the position of ducts is to attract a floor plan of the second floor and lay it over a ground plan of the first floor. Vents strolling in closets take in much less space than you might suppose. Avoid flex ducts in active closet areas even though it is recommended to few central air technicians.

Even supposing there may be no ductwork in your house, air-conditioning and central air will improve your indoor health. However, heating and air conditioning service Smyrna GA will recommend having regular inspections and maintenance to keep your system in the top of the line working condition.