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AC Compressor wiring burn and installed new wires

AC Compressor wiring burn and installed new wires Sometimes our AC’s every thing ON but do not Cooling Outdoor fan running but Outdoor compressor not running sometimes our compressor burn but sometimes our Compressor wiring burn And the compressor survives. in this Condition that our wiring burn we should take off the old wires new

Indoor air throw low Reasons and Solve Problems

Indoor air throw low Reasons and Solve Problems If our AC’s indoor air throw is low Then the ice comes on the suction pipe. Indoor air throw low have many reasons.  If our AC need Service (Evaporator is dirty) If Blower is dirty If Blower motor is damaged If Blower motor capacitor is damaged Air

Best way to stop leakage in air conditioner

Stop leakage in air conditioner Sometime our AC unit Leak again and again, and this leak is very small. when we face this problem then what we should do. we should open the cover of indoor and outdoor and we should apply chemical on his copper coils. Name of chemical : lacquer spray Epoxy This

Compressor over heat & Tripping problem|2019

Compressor over heat Sometimes our Compressor gets trip or gets over heat but our every thing is OK. Some of which are this Voltage Low Problem Over gas Charge Capacitor weak Outdoor Unit to be in the sun But i faced new problem compressor triping. When carbon comes to the Rotary ( common running stating )

AC leaking save 100%| Ac not leaking use best formula

AC Leaking Save Formula Sometimes our indoor or outdoor gets leaked again and again. In this Condition i have 1 Solution. I think if you follow this solution your AC will work Perfect. I am use this Solution from a Year, its response is good. Mostly AC’s Indoor Evaporator or Outdoor Condenser Leak from U