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Air Conditioner water drop in the room (Tips&Tricks)

Air Conditioner water drop in the room Sometime after AC service water drops fall in the Room. We have to face this problem several times. Service the AC on the wall can cause this problem when we Service the AC on the wall So not all AC parts are cleaned thoroughly.  Indoor have three or

How find window ac leak with pressure

If our Window AC is Leak how we can find leak and fix. We will give AC pressure 300Psi to 350Psi , we need some tools for pressure Line Gauge  vacuum Pump one Line connect with gas charging valve and second connect with vacuum pump, if we dont have vacuum pump we can do with

How attach Capacitor with Relay Refrigerator Compressor

How we can adjust Capacitor with refrigerator Compressor and why need attach capacitor with Refrigerator Compressor? If our Compressor is weak then we should attach Starting Capacitor with Compressor-  we can use 80-110 MFD starting Capacitor  Remove Jumper wire if we want use capacitor in coil relay  Watch video for connection [the_ad id=”431″]