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Daikool Indoor 3 phase wiring Diagram

Daikool Indoor 3 phase wiring Diagram you can see diagram. This Units use for big hall. Daikool Indoor 3 phase wiring Diagram You should read it : Daikin 3 Phase Indoor wiring Diagram Display Deep Freezer Circuit Diagram Instructions on using the Bottle refrigerator Orient DC Inverter Indoor Wiring Diagram HVAC and RAC Learn platform

Mostly Faults Comes in Indoor Unit | Fully4world

Mostly Faults Comes in Indoor Unit We face some faults mostly in Indoor unit. we can easily solve this faults. Ice on Evaporator : if we see Ice on Evaporator then we should service AC . If AC is already serviced then check his blower motor speed if his speed is low then we show

Outdoor Fan Speed Slow Problems and Faults |F4W

Outdoor Fan Speed Slow Problems and Faults If your AC’s Outdoor Fan Speed is low then we can see many problems and  fault. If you outdoor fan speed is low then compressor will Heat up and the compressor will trip. Compressor will take more ampere when compressor will heat up. After this Your Compressor capacitor

PEL ACE Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton Price & Spec| Buy Online

Features : This advanced technology feature guarantees optimum performance and high energy savings. It starts the Air Conditioner even on 140 Volts that gives excellent energy saving experience. PEL Air Conditioners are built to work on maximum efficiency that not only saves energy but also gives annual savings. Full capacity units with full wattage compressor

PCB Red light on Continually-Outdoor not start

Solve Red Light PCB Fault I found a Problem in Old Daikin AC that its red Light is on Continually and not Start Outdoor. That PCB was not giving the Current to the Outdoor. When i open his PCB form Outdoor. i check his Sensor that both sensor is Fine (Coil and Room Sensor). But the

20L Portable Mini Car Refrigerator Cooler Warmer|Buy Online

Feature Cold and warm, fast cooling. Summer cold drink, winter hot drink. Food grade raw materials, safe and secure, non-toxic and tasteless. Low power consumption, low carbon life. 39 hours ≈ 1 kWh. The use of semiconductor electronic refrigeration heating technology, direct cooling and heating functions, without compressors and freon, green, energy saving, long life,