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Why Comes Ice on Evaporator and how this solve Fault

Why Comes Ice on Evaporator and how this solve Fault Sometimes Ice comes on evaporator of Window AC when Ice comes on windows AC then AC cooling doesn’t do well. There are many reasons why ice can come to Evaporator. One of which is this. Window AC have one Fan which work for Evaporator and

How to open easy rust screws & Bolts

Open rust able screws & Bolts Sometimes rust gets on our nut or Screw, and it doesn’t open easily, screw driver and key are happening slipped. we can open it with some ways. By heating it By using WD40 By grip plier By Heating : we can heat it by gas welding plant but be

How to Service window AC Tips

window Service AC Tips There are some important things to keep in mind while serving window AC. Wash Condenser and Evaporator carefully and wash Blower and Fan.Note that no water fall on electronics parts, The electronics side should be higher, So that the water does not go to the electronics parts. After service we need

How find window ac leak with pressure

If our Window AC is Leak how we can find leak and fix. We will give AC pressure 300Psi to 350Psi , we need some tools for pressure Line Gauge  vacuum Pump one Line connect with gas charging valve and second connect with vacuum pump, if we dont have vacuum pump we can do with

Window ac condenser leakage problem solve

Condenser leakage problem If our condenser leak a coil from such a place, where it’s difficult to pair. What should we do there?    we can dead the pipe line which is leak. Sometimes it happens if we do it repair leak 1 side and this side leak again and again so Then also we

Window AC ICE on Pipe Solve Fault

Window AC ICE on Pipe If ice coming on your Windows AC Piping. Turn your AC on and You should check your running gas pressure with line Gauge. R22 refrigerant Running back pressure is 65 PSI. If your Gas is low you should charge your Gas and if your Gas is high you should reduce your