AC Outdoor wiring with 4 way valve diagram

AC Outdoor wiring with 4 way valve diagram

A 4-way valve in an AC outdoor unit is a component that controls the direction of refrigerant flow in the system. It is also known as a reversing valve because it can reverse the refrigerant flow direction to change the system’s mode of operation from cooling to heating and vice versa.

The 4-way valve is typically located in the outdoor unit of a split air conditioning system and is connected to the compressor, the indoor and outdoor coils, and the refrigerant lines. It is responsible for directing the flow of refrigerant between the indoor and outdoor units, depending on the mode of operation.

During cooling mode, the 4-way valve directs refrigerant to flow from the compressor to the condenser coil in the outdoor unit, then to the evaporator coil in the indoor unit, where it absorbs heat and cools the indoor air. During heating mode, the valve reverses the flow of refrigerant so that it flows from the compressor to the indoor unit’s evaporator coil first, then to the outdoor unit’s condenser coil where it releases heat into the outside air.

The 4-way valve is an essential component of a heat pump system as it allows the system to provide both heating and cooling functions with the same set of equipment.

AC Outdoor wiring with 4 way valve diagram

Key :

CMCompressor Motor
FMFan Motor
4WV4 way valve
TH2Outdoor Thermister
– – – –Field Wiring Supply