Bitzer Scroll Compressor HP code list with model Number

Bitzer Scroll Compressor HP code list with model Number

The Bitzer Scroll Compressor is a critical component in air conditioning systems, and understanding its HP (Horsepower) code is of paramount importance. The HP code indicates the compressor’s power capacity, allowing technicians to match it with the appropriate condenser and evaporator units for optimal system performance. Choosing the wrong HP code can lead to inefficiencies, increased energy consumption, and premature equipment failure. It’s essential to consider factors like cooling load and environmental conditions when selecting the right compressor HP code to ensure efficient cooling and a longer system lifespan. Therefore, grasping the significance of the Bitzer Scroll Compressor HP code is pivotal for maintaining air conditioner efficiency and functionality.

HP code list

Model NumberHp code
GSD60120VAB10 HP
GSD60137VAB12 HP
GSD60154VAB13 HP
GSD60182VAB15 HP
GSD60235VAB20 HP
GSD80235VAB25 HP
GSD80295VAB30 HP
GSD80385VAB35 HP
GSD80421VAB35 HP

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