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Indian food is so versatile that it can be modified to create countless dishes with unique flavours. This is why modern Indian food is so successful these days. And if you are someone who enjoys desi flavors but in an offbeat style, then we have found a place for you to enjoy Indian food with a twist. Amaltas – Indian Tapas and Bar is a new addition in the Delhi restaurant scene with a refreshing modern Indian menu. Restaurant “Amaltas- Indian Tapas” adapts modern Indian food with the concept of Tapas. While the inspiration is deeply rooted in regional Indian cuisine, the execution of the dishes is drawn from around the world.

I tried some of the small tapas style dishes on my visit there. The yellow and green interiors with a large backdrop of Amaltas brightened my mood while I waited for the food.

I started my meal with jalebi chaat and it was absolutely delicious. The same tart and spicy texture of the chaat is complemented by the slightly sweet but very crunchy jalebi which makes for a healthy snack. For drinks I had Konkan Sour and Asafoetida Sour – both had unique and refreshing taste.


Jalebi chaat, amaltas

Then I had the Tibetan Special Tingmo – soft bread filled with spicy garlic paste, and it was very good. Lebu & Cream Prawns was a creamy and tasty dish which I really liked. The lamb kulcha stuffed with goat batter had the smoke of the tandoor, but I felt the flavors could be better. Roast Mangalorean Cauliflower – Whole cauliflower flower soaked and cooked in tandoor was a good idea, but it was a bit bland.


Tingmo, Amaltas

But then came the tamarind fish curry and it blew my mind. Tilapia cooked in tamarind oyster sauce with spinach and coconut curry was the perfect dish to end my meal. I paired it with Malabar parotta, but it also goes well with appam. The fish curry was so delicious that I will definitely go back for it soon. For dessert I tried the Au Creme Chocolate and Jaggery Pot and it was amazing.


Tamarind fish curry, omelettes

Overall, I had a good experience at Amaltas – Indian Tapas & Bar and would recommend to try Modern Indian Food.

What: Omelettes – tapas and an Indian bar
Where: M25, 1st Floor, GK2, M Block Market
Time: from 12 noon to 11 am
Price (for two): INR 1000 + taxes

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