Don’t make children a weekly prayer



Don’t make children a weekly prayer

Prayer is an element of Islam. The best of all worships is prayer. Prayer is the ascension of the believer. Prayer is the cooling of the eyes of the Lord of the Universe. Prayer brings you closer to God. Prayer prevents immorality. Prayer is the one who cleanses from sins. Prayer is the hallmark of a Muslim. Prayer is the remembrance of God. He (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, He who establishes prayer has established religion and he who abandons prayer has destroyed religion. It is like prayer. Obedience is the strength of religion. To leave it is to weaken the religion. It is narrated from Hazrat Abu Dharr, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, that two scholars, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, shook the branches of a tree in the fall and the leaves began to fall. If he reads it, his sins fall off like the leaves of this tree fall off. There are numerous hadiths that describe the virtues of prayer. A famous and well-known hadith has the meaning that the five-time prayer is like a stream that flows outside one’s house and he bathes in it five times. Just as there is no residue left on the body after taking ghusl five times, in the same way no sins are left after praying five times. It is in Tirmidhi Sharif that the Companions of the Prophet did not consider the abandonment of any action as blasphemy except prayer.

Prayer is the only form of worship that is obligatory in every situation. The journey is short, but they cannot leave. They are sick and cannot leave the prayer. You cannot read while standing, it is ordered to read while sitting. If you are unable to sit, you are ordered to read lying down. Water is not available for ablution or you cannot use it. It could not be paid on time, there is an order to read the qadha. Therefore, it is necessary to pray in every situation. Only women are exempted from praying on their specific days. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: Command your children to pray when they are seven years old. And beat them for abandoning prayer when they are ten years old. Prayer is being emphasized from the age of seven so that when they become adults, they will have the habit of praying. But we and our society are completely opposite. There is no practice of praying in our homes. The elders of the house, whether men or women, do not observe prayer. God willing, there will be few houses where all these things are arranged.

There are three types of prayer men in our society. A weekly prayer means two rak’ahs on Friday only. The second Ramadan prayer and the third five-time prayer. The worshipers of the first mention make a big arrangement for the Friday prayer. It should be done. Dressed in white pajamas, headscarves, perfumed handkerchiefs and beautiful headgear, they reach the mosque early with their young boys. Secondly, the aforementioned prayer men observe fasting and taraweeh for the entire month of Ramadan. There are some unlucky people who do not observe fasting on Fridays and Ramadan. The third group is angry with the first two groups. They get a place in the first and second row every day like this, on Fridays and Ramadan they are right near the door or outside the mosque.

By taking the children to the mosque once a week, it gets in their minds that there are only two rak’ahs of Friday prayers. When they grow up, they will also take their children only on Fridays. Because he has seen his father doing it like this. And this will continue. Our grandfather did this to our father. Father made us weekly prayers, we will make our children Friday prayers. Children are very sensitive, they try to imitate what they see. Once a child made a beautiful painting of his house and made everyone’s rooms in it. The father asked where is my room? He pointed to the end of a line drawn outside the house with a pencil and said this is your room. Because his grandfather also lived outside the house. The child said that when you become a grandfather, your room will also be outside. What parents do to their children has a profound effect on them. If there is a religious environment in the house, the children will also adapt to the same environment. As the color is in the house, the children will also be rich in the same color. It is said by many academic and literary personalities that during their childhood, the home environment was very academic and literary, so they also got a taste for knowledge and literature. Children are a great blessing. Raising him properly should be the first priority of the parents.

Asif Shah Hadvi. Bhiwandi Maharashtra.


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