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With heavy rain expected on ICC T20 day Globalism Cup final between England and Pakistan at Melbourne Stadium cricket (MCG) land on Sunday, and the outlook isn’t too good for Reserve Day on Monday either, Joss Butler and his team are praying for no joint winners to be announced for the fantastic event.

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England coach Matthew Mott – the former coach of the Australian women’s national team – assured on the eve of the title match that his team will do everything they can to play and will not have to share the cup.

The Australian said at SEN’s The Run Home on Saturday.

“But saying that, I think the way the ICC reacted and seeing the expectations, we would be able to get 10 times in each team thinking at some point, there would be enough out the window,” he added.

If it rains, the best possible scenario for both teams to get a score is to play 10 times on each side. Anything less than that and the cup will be shared.

“We will do everything we can to play, I don’t think either of us would like to be a joint winner. I think there is an appetite from both teams that we will have to beat at some point, but you never know, there could be full sunshine here and we start the whole game, Which is great. It’s what the fans deserve too,” Mott added.

The Melbourne Bureau of Meteorology has forecast a 100 per cent chance of rain for Sunday with the possibility of a storm. For the day of precaution, a similar bleak scenario is expected with a 95 percent chance of 5-10mm of rain, according to sen.co.au.

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Mott said his team was told that additional time had been set aside if needed, “with ICC officials pulling all stops to complete the game,” according to the report.

“Everyone wants to try to get that done on day one, so we’re going to do everything that is humanly possible to get it done on day one and back-up day which I think is more flexible as well,” he said.

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