Hoover Washing Machine Error Codes

Hoover Washing Machine Error Codes

Hoover Washing Machine Error Codes

Washing Machine is useful Product from Every home And it is a product used in every home Sometimes it contains an error code. We can fix some error codes at home and we need to call a technician to fix some error codes. In this post you will find all the error codes of Hoover washing machine and I hope you will benefit a lot from this post. If you find it helpful, please share this post.

Error CodesMeaning
Error 0Faulty module or wiring
Error 1Open circuit Door Interlock
Error 2Fill time out, Pressure stat or pressure chamber.
Error 3Drain time-out, blocked filter, Pressure stat stuck.
Error 4Anti flood Pressure stat, faulty inlet valve.
Error 5NTC fault or module.
Error 6Faulty module or wiring.
Error 7Motor fault.
Error 8Tacho fault.
Error 9Short circuit motor triac on module.
Error 10Programme Selector.
Error 12Communication error between boards and wiring.
Error 13Communication error between boards and wiring.
OModule Fault
1Door Interlock/Door Switch
2Filling time-out or Solenoid Valve etc.
3Pump time-out (3 mins) exceeded
4Overfill (i.e. Blocked air chamber/faulty solenoid valve)
5NTC/Heater fault
6Module fault
7Motor jammed/Drum Shaft jammed/Tacho generator fault
9Faulty TRIAC on main board
10Faulty program selector / wiring
11Faulty dryer board or wiring (Latest Interact models)
E:00Faulty Module (Coreboard)
E:01Door Interlock
E:02Fill time-out
E:03Drain time-out
E:04Anti-flood on Pressure s/w or Inlet valve blocked
E:05NTC fault
E:06Eeprom/Coreboard fault
E:07Motor jammed or Interlock fault
E:08Tacho fault
E:09Motor triac failure on Coreboard
E:10Motorised Selector s/w fault or open-circuit drum sensor device
E:11Open circuit dryer heater or Dryer NTC or Dryer Module
E:12Communication error between both boards
E:13Communication error between both boards
E:14Faulty Coreboard or water heater/NTC fault
E:15Coreboard not programmed
E:16Water heater element insulation fault
E:17No signal from tacho generator
E:18Faulty Coreboard or wiring
TR1Motor fault (Brushes – commutator)
TR2Hot solenoid valve
TR3Cold solenoid valve
TR4Door Interlock
TR5Drain Pump
TR6Wash (recycling) Pump
TR7Wash Programme Selector (Stepper Timer Unit)
HThe delay start is active.
L1, L2 or L3This is not a fault. When selecting a programme the letter ‘L’ followed by a number may appear in the display. This is normal and not an indication of a fault.

Hoover Washing Machine Troubleshooting

Does not work on any programmePlug not in socket.Plug it in.
Not switched on.Switch on.
Power failure.Check and refer to ‘Power Failure’ section.
Fuse blown.Check.
Door open.Close door.
RCD tripped (trip switch)Reset RCD.
Does not fill with waterWater supply turned off.Turn on water supply.
Programme selector not correctly positioned.Position programme selector correctly.
Water does not drain awayKink in discharge hose.Straighten discharge hose.
Foreign bodies in filter.Examine filter.
The machine has been plumbed in incorrectly.Check installation.
Water on floor around the washing machine.Leaking gasket between tap and water inlet hose.Replace gasket and tighten connection.
Strand of clothing or dirt between door rubber gasket and door glass.Re-load the machine and keep rubber door gasket/door glass clean.
Incorrect plumbing.Check plumbing.
Does not spin.Water has not yet drained away.Wait a few minutes for machine to empty.
‘Spin Cancel’ option selected.Check.
Unbalanced load.Rearrange load evenly.
Machine vibrates a lot during spin.Washing machine not completely level.Adjust the special adjustable feet.
Load not distributed evenly.Rearrange the laundry evenly.
Transit brackets not removed.Remove transit brackets.
Door will not open.Two minutes have not elapsed since the programme finished.Wait two minutes.
The control knob turns a full circle quickly during a programme.The control knob was not in the expected position when automatically checked by the machine.Note: This action is normal if the knob has been moved accidentally during a cycle.

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