Complete guide on how to install a portable air conditioner in the sliding window 

Fighting summers without an air conditioner is looking impossible nowadays. There are different types of air conditioners. Therefore, You can buy off your choice and also suitable to your budget. But the portable air conditioner is not better than the standard air conditioners in cooling. But if you can’t afford to purchase standard air conditioners. So, a portable air conditioner is a better option than sitting under the ceiling fan in hot summers.

So here a complete guide is given to help you in planning to install a portable air conditioner.

AC install in 2022

First, you’ll need a window kit (and a window)

To install a portable air conditioner, you need a sliding window to fix it. This type of air conditioner stinks in the hot humid air. Then the inside cools and conditions the air.  And expels cool and humid air back into the room. 

The heat that is extracted from the air then expels out of the house.  Through the exhausting vent. The open window is used in the installation of these exhausting vents. However, some dealers also give window kits with portable air conditioners. This window kit makes an airtight sliding window. This saves cool air in the room from blowing out.

How to install a portable air conditioner in a sliding window

Installing a portable air conditioner is not a headache. In fact, for this, you don’t need any high-level DIY. All you have to do is complete all the parts for installing. In addition, the window you choose to install an air conditioner on should be the right size. After that, portable AC installation is not tough.

Different air conditioner models are available in the market. Even more, different models require different air conditioning services. So here is a general description of installing a portable air conditioner in a sliding window.

Slide the window and open it. Then place the sealing sheet after opening the window. Measure the window floor size so it fits the window. Then adjust the sealing sheet there. Screw the sealing sheet with the window floors. Use a screwdriver for this. And then fix the sealing sheets’ entire length with the window. Then attach the portable air conditioner to an exhausting pipe. 

After this attach the pipe to another end of the exhaust pipe. Now take the exhaust pipe to extend it to the windows sealing plate. Lastly, start the air conditioner by connecting PowerPoint. On the portable air conditioner and enjoy a cool environment.

What if my window is bigger than the window kit?

Whenever your window kit is not of your window size. You have to try a DIY solution. Moreover, if DIY doesn’t work you have to construct something there by someone to complete the gap. Though you have to take care at the time of purchasing. It’s way better to buy one that fits perfectly.

Installation tips

By following these tips, you can make your portable air conditioner more efficient. You have to make sure that your exhaustion pipe is at the right place with no bends. If it is not then air will not cross voluntarily.  Therefore, your portable air conditioner will become less efficient.

Another thing to make sure of during installation.  That is to keep the exhaust pipe size as short as you can. This will make your portable air conditioner more efficient. Some dealers or manufacturers suggest alkaline batteries to use. Batteries are used in air conditioners’ remote control. Use Alkaline batteries rather than chargeable batteries. Because this will operate longer and better.


Here’s a full guide for those who can’t afford standard air conditioners. Portable air conditioners are affordable. You can protect yourself from burning summers in your budget. AC installation or replace AC is as simple as you can do this with yourself. All you have to do is complete all its required parts. Then the installation is simple.

You have to take care of the time if it’s a purchase. The things which you have to check are like:
⦁  power cable size
⦁ Size of the exhaust vent is enough to reach the window but not longer than that. The longer exhaustion vents are as small as the less efficient portable air conditioner.